Great Health Comes with Balance

(Why you should be reading this on your yoga mat right now.)

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“Health without sustainability can be equated to nothing less than a lifeless coffin. ”

When I say this, I am referring to each step taken for a fitter self, pouring it’s efficacy in all the domains in which humans strive for well-being. Countless research has examined the effects of excercise on different avenues of body science, aesthetics and reducing stress through mindful connections between the soul and the bone. This article would aim at brushing upon such beautiful aspects of health and fitness, but more as a narrative of what I envisage at aiming to do every day. These are simple strategies that would help instill a healthy mindset, so that the day can launch in an orderly fashion.

Being a student whose working hours are mostly between 9am to about 5pm and also a professionally trained dancer (and a fitness freak to the fullest), let me give you a reality check. Sometimes, the below mentioned find’s difficult to pave way inside the daily rut , often resulting in rumination and unnecessary guilt.

But dear readers, the following statement is what I say to myself during these odd times- that “ Hey there, it’s completely okay, you have worked your best and are doing a great job. Persistence is the key!

Such techniques are widely researched upon under cognitive behavioural techniques, that have to be used together with physical exercise and reduction of fatigue symptoms.

Without further delay, welcome to my daily fitness cogitations!

  1. Incorporate as much more walks as you can

Prescribed for all individuals regardless of their differentiating variables of gender, physique or lifestyle, it also has a key role to play in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. I personally find it a great and simple way to include some excercise in my daily life, because it blends with your daily routine in a genuine sense.

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2. Eat well, eat more and be satisfied!

This is probably a well known tip that any fitness blog or brand would endorse, yet my philosophy about food takes a different angle. It is essential to eat healthy, but it is also important to eat what you like, as long as you are enjoying it. Claiming this as my “food-sustainability hypothesis”, it says “Being thankful is directly proportionate to the duration of happiness”. In simple words, the more thankful a person is when food is going inside their palette, the more long lasting their happiness is and the faster is their road to achieving true fitness and well-being.”

The whole world has a plethora of culture, cuisine, food habits, preferences, temperatures and geographical contrasts. Being a proud Indian, I must mention the beauty of our cuisine, which has the power to be colourful, healthy and the capability to be simple, tasty and amazingly fulfilling! So wherever you are and whichever food is your daily intake, eat such that it leaves you satisfied , full and happy. This would in turn make a huge difference in your mood , energy levels, satisfaction and overall functioning!

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3. Fill yourself with water!

Whenever there is an urge to binge eat or the advent of a stressful stimuli, this is the first thing that must be resorted to. Atleast 8 glasses of water is recommended per day, but the more the better. Water is called the elixir of life for these basic reasons:

a) Purifies skin and makes it fresh devoid of toxins.
b) Sometimes your body craves for water and not necessarily food, hence enables you to balance your hunger and momentary cravings.
c) More water means improved gut health , toxin removal resulting in better excretory and gastro-intestinal functioning.
d) Restores cell replenishment and purifies blood.

The list is endless, apart from the fact that every being needs it for survival, including plants. And always remember, if you are able to easily fetch water, in a world where there is also scarcity for such an important natural resource, believe me, you are truly blessed.

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4. Fall in love with sweat.

A bit tricky indeed, but body homeostasis can occur only when there is a right balance between adequate consumption and burning of calories. We as a species are wired to quantitatively assess and statistically analyse consumption by metrics and numbers. Owing to the current pandemic situation, it would be worthwhile to keep direct measures like pedometers, fitness apps, subscriptions on YouTube and many other such trackers.

But I strongly believe that the motivation must come from within and irrespective of whatever workout regime you follow, it must be tailor made and modified for your body. This takes constant revision ,time and sometimes even expert guidance. Hence, consistency and the self-motivation to move on is the supreme need of hour.
Personally, I find solace in changing my workouts every once in a while, or switching between different dance styles and learning something new. The recipe is different for everyone, so please take time to discover how you can fit in excercise in your lifestyle. Go ahead and tailor make your own experience of falling in love with sweating and balancing it out!

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5. Focus on the stance, not the steps
Although mindfulness has been studied in many areas of health and sports psychology, it is also used to reduce stress, anxiety, burnout and increase life satisfaction and self-awareness. You become aware of what you are feeling at the moment, through various techniques which are simple and can be done in a quite space. Some examples stated by the Mayo clinic, which I find extremely useful are mentioned below:

a) Pay attention to what you are touching, smelling, seeing, hearing and tasting. This could probably be done while eating a meal .

b) Accepting who you are: Treating yourself as like a great friend.

c) Enjoy the unspoken power of simplicity: Accept and pay attention to whatever you are doing in that moment.

Thus, you will be able to focus on where and how you are standing, and not the steps you will be taking and that which you probably are not in control of.

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These can be practiced in any situation, anywhere and anytime!

6. Offline sleep is a must!
Getting enough and quality sleep is definitely something that is unfortunately a struggle for many of us these days. Constant workload, university exams, classes and the endless list goes on. Stress and the fear of the unknown clouds our sleep cycle like a black cloud which just surrounds the sky and still fails to precipitate rain.

Although lifestyle changes engulf us with this magnetic busy flow, we must strive to pluck ourselves from the storm and strive to keep our biological sleep rhythm intact for atleast 7–8 hours. Lots of us are striving hard , but I am sure it can be achieved.

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To sum up, here are the six things I cogitate upon, to strive for great health on a daily basis to achieve balance:

  1. Incorporate as much more walks as you can
  2. Eat well, eat more and be satisfied!
  3. Fill yourself with water!
  4. Fall in love with sweat.
  5. Focus on the stance, not the steps
  6. Offline sleep is a must!

Thank you so much for taking time to read this and following me through my personal experiences and insights. I wish you the best of health and happiness!

Psychology , Dance, Observations , Creative Cognitions ,Poems and New Thoughts are always in my juice!!

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